Guest post from my niece Elinor Baldwin – Wreck the Halls

Nobody wanted a dog more than three year old Annie. She had begged and begged for a fluffy little puppy all her life.  Her mum and dad handn’t taken much notice of this.  Every morning Annie would get up early and read about dogs until breakfast.  Her older brother Alan and sister Ashleigh sneered at her constant begs.

It was near Christmas when Annnie’s dad was tucking her into her little pink bed.  Once again she pleaded and pleaded for a dog, but this time it was different, this time it got him thinking.  When he wsa boy Annie’s dad had a big dopey Airedale with his brothers Chris and Matt.  hHe thought to himself “If I get my daughter a dog, she can have the same experience I had.”

He kept the idea to himself for a while.  He didn’t tell his wife Susan about it, because he knew what she was like about any living thing with fur.  Annie started going on and on about loads of other new toys, video games, hair slides and DVD’s but her dad could see it in her eyes, glittering across her pupils, ‘dog’.

That was the day he decided to do it.  Annie’s dad marched along the street and into the pet shop.  He asked for the cutest dog they had.The shop owner shuffled to the back of the cupboards, rustled around and came back with the sweetest, fluffiest, cutest little Airedale.

He bought the little thing then and there and went over to the neighbours to ask if he could hide the dog there. It was Christmas eve and Annie’s dad was reading her ‘The Night Before Christmas’. When he had finished he snapped shut the book and asked Annie “what would you like Santa to bring you most of all?” She thought a moment and then replied “what I would really, really, really like,”

“Yes” her dad interrupted without thinking for a moment about the attention span of a three year old.

“Is a whale.”


By Elinor Baldwin


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