Install Oracle XE 11gR2 with Vagrant

Working for Oracle, you need to be able to use and install a database.  While I am primarily focused on Fusion Middleware, the Oracle XE database, while not as “cool” as the new 12c database, is a very functional and useful tool for both development and learning.

I am working on some projects which will need to have the database act as an application data store as well as hold, for example,  the MDS for SOA Suite 11g R2.  However, I don’t need to have a production database system. I need just enough to get the job done on my limited development system.

Once again, we run into the issue with a fully constructed VM.  The fully constructed templated VM doesn’t give me the flexibility, read agility, to prototype solutions for myself or my customers.

Once again, we can leverage the type 2 hypervisor from VirtualBox to help build out this component of the larger stack and have the VM do the specific function for which it is designed.  This is the cloud way.

We will, in a latter (hopefully not to much latter) post, show how we can leverage Vagrant to start assembling these infrastructure components that do something useful.  Running VM’s and installing software is not that interesting.  VM’s doing or proving some workload are much more interesting.

Here you go…test it out. I hope it works for you.




3 thoughts on “Install Oracle XE 11gR2 with Vagrant

  1. Thomas says:

    Really nice job! I tried to install Oracle XE 11g on my own using Vagrant and Puppet the last two days and I didn’t get it to work. I think I spend about 10 hours… Your solution works really great. Thanks.

    • vbatik says:

      Thanks…I needed to get XE installed for my Vagrant SOA Suite install. If you look for Edwin Biemond He has scripts for Oracle DB as well…full install using puppet. Once again, thanks for the compliments…

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