Updating VirtualBox Guest Additions in Vagrant

Change happens, the centos64 vagrant with VirtualBox Guest Additions are now out of date with the rollout to 4.3.2.  I  don’t want to update those additions quite yet since it might impact other users or post a new box which has the latest additions.  I have done some preliminary testing with the vagrant plugin below. Give it a try and tell me if you like it.

I was looking for this because I was getting checksum errors when copying files from the /vagrant directory…and was frustrated that I would have to run “vagrant provision” after a 20 minute failure.  It is better to upgrade the box.


11/15/2013 – Update

The version that I was using 0.9 (vagrant plugins list)  Generally worked ok..however I would have some issues when a box already add the guest additions already installed.  Once I started with packer.io…my box creation days are wildly simplified..so I think I will just create a new box with the same name and post it with the latest VBGA.  Open for comments on this.


One thought on “Updating VirtualBox Guest Additions in Vagrant

  1. Johne760 says:

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