Oracle EBS 12.2.4 Single Node on VirtualBox – Getting the Binaries

Installing EBS 12.2.3 Vision on Virtualbox using pre-built VM appliance (on a Windows host) | Srini Chavali’s Blog

This is a great blog from Srini Chavali on the Oracle PM team on installing EBS on VirtualBox.  The issue that I have had is that it shows the old E-Delivery Site. 😦

Here is a link to his blog.

My screen shots will show you the "new and improved" EDelivery site and then unpackng with the "Assembly" tool on my Mac

Oracle Software Delivery Cloud

Select the product.

You can de-select "Programs" and have only Linux/OVM/VMs

Click through

Click through

Accept Terms and Restrictions

Download the Binaries (16 Files Total)

This is not so obvious on which files to select.

Select the following:



Login into

You need to follow the MOS Notes from Srini’s Blog.

On MacOS EBS1224 — unzip ◂ — 80×53

On MacOS EBS1224 — unzip ◂ — 80×53

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