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Oracle Public Cloud – Oracle Service Bus – Opening up a network port for the Service Proxy

This is a brief article on using the Oracle Service Bus capability of SOACS in the Oracle Public Cloud.  If you want to try it out, go ahead and ask for a public trial.  SOACS comes as part of the JCS Trial environment.

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Install Oracle Service Bus with Vagrant

Oracle Service Bus

Oracle Service Bus

I am working with a team on a  federated a service bus design for a customer.  It is one thing to sketch out a design on paper and it is another to start looking at more implementation specific details.  

While I have installed OSB many times, I wanted to have an installer which would have more agility. While I like virtual machine templates, they have limitations when you start changing  fundamental infrastructure pieces such as the JVM, the OS, patches to the AppServer.  From a configuration management perspective, developers get caught in not incorporating those changes in their work and this leads to errors when the application goes through the deployment cycle to dev, test and prod.  In addition, many of these templates are really made for production rollout and management and are tuned accordingly.

Over the past week, I have been working on setting up a focused automated install and domain creation for OSB (ps6).  I have posted the install on github.  As before, I have been using Edwin Biemond’s modules and making them task/product specific in a single package that works everytime for a developer or someone evaluating.  I know there are many postings about installing OSB. I am more interested in removing the cruft so that you can get started using the product in very short order.  In this case, you can have the bits installed and the running domain complete in about 15 minutes.

This took Edwin Biemonds sample OSB template and focused just on installing OSB with the latest modules that he had published.  His module scripts had migrated since he initially wrote them and this is a self contained script that you can use.

I am not going to go over the install process, that is pretty self explanatory (read the WLS 1212c on this blog for some analogous detail on getting Vagrant installed on a Windows machine).

Some features of the site.pp script that I want to highlight.

  1. Patching WLS 10.3.6 with BSU so that you are always using the latest patchset.
  2. OSB Domain Creation and Starting the Domain
  3. Create keystores for automatic WLST login for scripting.

Edwin Biemond’s github repos can be found here:



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