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Vagrant 1.7 in GUI Mode with VirtualBox

Came across a Vagrant issue where the VM boots up in GUI Mode ( vb.gui=true ) and the host wouldn’t connect via ssh.  Vagrant would retry until the connection failed.  The GUI would come-up of the box.

The answer I found was login into the GUI console

run as root “dhclient”

Man on dhclient


Answer from here:



Oracle Database install with Vagrant on Centos 6.5 (Jellema and Biemond)

Lucas Jellema writes the following in August 2014.


Based upon Edwon Biemonds work:


This leverages Edwin Biemonds repos’s so bug fixes might be there.  The only issue I had was taking out the X libraries in db.pp in the manifests directory.

===> ‘libXext’ and ‘libXtst’

These are not needed anymore.

Total install time after downloading binaries from Oracle.

==> db12102: Notice: Finished catalog run in 1376.77 seconds or 22 Minutes.

Not bad!

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